WSOP: 1,000 players in 1 million freerolls

You can feel it. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is upon us and the atmosphere is filled with tremors, anxiety and tension. Thousands of players are heading or will be heading to Las Vegas for the 54th edition of the race, which begins Tuesday and will see them compete over 50 days, culminating in the 10K main event.

While the focus is on a tournament won by Latino Damian Salas, it will once again be a million dollar special Bonus: This is an exclusive Champions Tournament.

This event is an invite-only freeroll and is open to the winner of past or current season winnersWSOP Circuit Competition. Anyone who wins a gold ring in a live or online circuit as well as an online or live bracelet winner (including during WSOP Europe) is eligible for this special event. For example Nacho Barbero won the bracelet in 2022.

2022 bracelet winner Barbero can play it.

Last year, the event ended the series. This year, the TOC will be held during the opening week of the World Series, starting on Wednesday, May 31 and lasting three days.

Although this is a free contest, the winner of this exclusive event will receive a coveted gold bracelet in addition to the first prize.

To date, 960 players have qualified for the WSOP 2023 Championship of Champions and are vying for the million in total prize pool. This means that any player with an EV over $1,000 will enter the tournament.

Nearly 1,000 players qualified for the Glory event, the largest $1 million WSOP freeroll ever to take place.


Last year’s tournament was only open to 570 players, 470 of whom registered and entered the freeroll. In the end, Benjamin Kaupp won, winning $250,000 and his first bracelet. Kaupp qualified for the TOC after winning the $215 WSOP PA Online Circuit event for nearly $15,000.

Will Nacho be there?

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  • The text provides information about the upcoming World Series of Poker (WSOP) and highlights the exclusive Champions Tournament, which is an invite-only event for past or current season winners. It mentions the previous year’s winner and speculates whether Nacho Barbero, who won a bracelet in 2022, will participate this year.

  • Jamey.oberbrunner

    This text provides information about the upcoming World Series of Poker (WSOP) event, including details about the exclusive Champions Tournament and the number of players qualified for the main event. It also mentions previous winners and their eligibility to participate.

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