Tips for Mastering the Art of the C-Bet

New video tutorial series titled “Facts to Learn” features first episode guest star Lucia Navarro is an ambassador among the 888poker room ambassadors. The Spaniard gave five tips for mastering the technique of C-Bet, namely continuation betting, which for most beginners is understood as a bet by a player who raises pre-flop, And continue betting after the flop. C-Bet Lucia Navarro is a celebrity grinder and YouTuber who has been part of the 888poker team since 2022.

“When you’re up against a weaker player who pays high on the flop but rarely raises, your c-betting strategy should be to bet big often, no matter what kind of flop you see. “According to grinder, this type of player will usually fold if not at the table, but if they raise, it’s a good indication of their hand strength. If they call, they can win the pot on the turn for a higher bet.

Number of Players

“If it was a multiway pot, we would significantly reduce the c-bet frequency,” the cash pro continued. In their view, players need better hands to win the pot in this situation, so a small bet is a good way out. “Low risk because betting with two bad guys is already considered a strong move.”

Opponent Ranking

“You should always consider the nature of the flop before continuing to bet,” Lucia says, “because you are the aggressor pre-flop and low connection flops probably won’t hurt you.” More at within reach of the bad guys. On the other hand, he thinks it might be more beneficial to bet on a high flop, meaning your opponent folds more. “The better the flop is for you, the more often you should c-bet . “

Bet Size

“The bet size should vary according to the nature of the flop.” The standard size of cue bets has decreased over the years, but that doesn’t mean they have to be the same value. “On dry land, we’re interested in making a small c-bet, about 1/3 of the pot,” he commented. Instead of acting on the flop, she says you should bet 3/4.

Hand Strength

“The strength of our hand on the flop is one of the factors that determine whether we should bet,” she said of the final pick. “If your middle hand isn’t very weak, like JJ on the flop of Q72, you should check because only A and K are bad hands for your hand because the caller won’t have many Qx. However. “If the attacker’s starting hand is 88 on the same flop, then she thinks a small c-bet is ideal to protect her hand from A, K, J, T, and 9,” says the lady judged.

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  • Gay.bergstrom

    This text provides tips on C-Bet strategies in poker from Lucia Navarro, a celebrity grinder and YouTuber. She emphasizes the importance of adjusting bet size based on the nature of the flop and considering the opponent’s hand strength and ranking. It is a helpful resource for beginners looking to improve their technique in this area.

  • This text provides valuable tips on C-Betting in poker by professional player Lucia Navarro. It explains the importance of considering the opponent’s behavior, flop nature, bet size, and hand strength when deciding to make a continuation bet. Overall, it is a helpful guide for beginners looking to improve their poker strategy.

  • This text provides helpful tips for mastering the technique of C-Bet in poker, emphasizing the importance of considering the nature of the flop and adjusting bet sizes accordingly. The insights shared by Lucia Navarro, an ambassador for 888poker, offer valuable strategies for both experienced and beginner players.

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