The poker world turns five; what has changed since 2019?

Mundo Poker 5th Anniversary: ​​20 interesting fact...

Mundo Poker started his career five years ago. It may seem like a short time, but a lot happened during this time and is reported on the website. The Brazilian poker scene, as well as the global poker scene, has changed dramatically. Online poker has completely taken over and Brazil is getting into the high stakes and starting collecting bracelets.

Here are 20 interesting facts about poker at the time:

1- When Mundo Poker started, Brazil had only four bracelets. There are 31 today.

2- Yuri Martins has yet to win his first career bracelet. He first appeared in 2019, five months after the site was created. Today, “theNERDguy” is a four-time World Champion

3- PokerStars was the market leader at the time. GGPoker already existed, but the Brazilian audience was almost non-existent before that.

4 – Phil Hellmuth has 15 bracelets. “The Poker Kid” now has 17

5 – The WSOP Las Vegas used to be held at the Rio Casino. As of 2022, the event has moved to Horseshoe/Paris.

6- HRC (Poker Resource Calculator) software changed the online poker landscape

7- The traditional PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2019 is over, but three It was announced later that the event would return to the Bahamas

8 – Justin Bonomo once topped the all-time money list. He is currently ranked second behind Bryn Kenney

9- Alexandre Gomes is the owner of the largest purse in Brazilian poker history, winning the WPT Bellagio Cup in 2009 for $1,187,670. The current owner of the top prize is Phillipe Pizzari, who won an impressive $2,524,871 at PSPC in 2023.

10- Brazil has yet to have a seven-figure online poker bonus. There are now 11. The biggest is Edson Tsutsumi, 2021 WSOP Online Main Event runner-up: $1,907,035.

11- The most expensive tournament in Brazilian poker is the BSOP Millions Super High Roller. Valued at R$15,000. Five years later, the KSOP GGPoker South American Super High Roller became the most expensive event with an entry fee of R$100,000.

12- LAPT has been running for three years and has been running for seven years until its return in 2023

13-Handwritten reporting used to be one of the mainstays of poker journalism; the format has grown in popularity in Brazil Still popular outside the country, but virtually non-existent in Brazil. Visuals like the “Parada Contada” board and more dynamic coverage on Instagram have gained momentum.

14- The official sponsor of the WSOP was formerly 888poker. As of 2020, it is known as GGPoker.

15 – The popular Mystery Bounty format didn’t exist in 2019. It was first held at Wynn Casino in 2021, but the original idea came from the WSOP. The event is being played in a version that was postponed due to the pandemic.

16- The most expensive buy-in played by a Brazilian at the time was $111,111 for Rafael Moraes and Felipe Mojave. The current maximum prize is $210,000, with four Brazilians tied for the top spot: Felipe Mojave, Yuri Martins, Pedro Garagnani and Ernildo Santos.

17 – Léo Rizzo’s new 8th place finish on the WSOP Brazil Circuit, hence the nickname “8. Not in the world” yet.

18 – Dan Cates does not have a WSOP bracelet . The “Jungleman” has won the prestigious Poker Players Championship twice, in 2021 and 2022.

19 – Twitch has not yet reached the current scale of Brazilian streamers. 2019 is the beginning of this boom .

20- KSOP GGPoker still didn’t have a two-time champion. A few months later, the first and only thing in history happened, Wender Oliveira won in Sao Paulo.

Mundo Poker 5th Anniversary: ​​20 interesting fact...

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  • Freddie.bosco

    This text provides a comprehensive overview of the changes and developments in the Brazilian and global poker scene over the last five years. It highlights key milestones, such as the increase in Brazilian WSOP bracelets and the emergence of new high-stakes tournaments and players. It also sheds light on the evolution of poker reporting and the impact of online platforms like GGPoker and Twitch on the game.

  • Hoeger.ricardo

    This text provides interesting insights into the evolution of the poker scene in Brazil and globally over the past five years, highlighting key players, events, and changes in the industry. It shows how online poker has grown in popularity and how Brazilian players have made significant strides in the poker world, accumulating more bracelets and achieving higher buy-ins and winnings.

  • This text provides an interesting overview of the evolution of the Brazilian and global poker scene over the past five years, highlighting key players, events, and changes in the industry. It shows how online poker has become dominant, the growth of Brazilian players in high-stakes games, and the emergence of new tournaments and formats in the poker world.

  • This text provides an interesting overview of the evolution of the Brazilian and global poker scenes over the past five years, highlighting key players, events, and trends. It demonstrates the growth and transformation of the poker industry, showcasing the rise of online poker, the increasing number of Brazilian bracelet winners, and the changing landscape of high-stakes tournaments.

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