The 100-Year-Old Poker Player Who Played With Manimaker

100-year-old poker player

Within the walls of the Palm Beach Kennel Club, A race happened HORSE. Sitting around the table is Chris Manimaker, but he’s rarely not central. All eyes are on 100-year-old poker player Eugene Kalden.

Yes, it is the grandfather in the photo, who still plays poker at an advanced age. Interestingly, Eugene was 80 years old when the Manimaker won the 2003 WSOP Main Event. Eugene celebrated his 100th birthday in January:

100-летие покериста

The poker club official stated that Eugene was originally a H.O.R.S.E. competition. He then went to another room where he played cash games with blinds $2/5 until morning. Where does a 100-year-old grandfather get so much energy? His answer was simple: mint chocolate ice cream.

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By the way, it was Eugene Chris Manimaker who was knocked out of the race. That’s not surprising, considering how much experience he’s had playing poker since the Great Depression.

What else can we add? We wish Eugene good health and continued playing his favorite game. We look forward to seeing him at the 2023 WSOP.

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  • The text highlights the remarkable story of 100-year-old poker player Eugene Kalden who still actively participates in poker tournaments. It mentions his longevity in the poker world as well as his secret for maintaining energy – mint chocolate ice cream. The author expresses admiration for Eugene’s dedication to the game and extends good wishes for his health and future participation in the WSOP.

  • Brakus.megane

    This text highlights the story of Eugene Kalden, a 100-year-old poker player, and his love for the game. It also mentions his secret to staying energized and his long-standing experience in poker. The author wishes him good health and hopes to see him at the 2023 WSOP.

  • I think it’s impressive that a 100-year-old man is still actively participating in poker tournaments. It’s inspiring to see someone continue to pursue their passions regardless of age. I hope Eugene Kalden continues to enjoy playing poker for many more years to come.

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