Rodrigo Cañas wins his fourth Latin American title at EPT Barcelona

Rodrigo Cañas wins his fourth Latin American title...

Rodrigo Cañas is even hungrier after finishing 12th in the €1,050 Hyper Turbo Freezeout tournament at EPT Barcelona and earning €5,300 ITM. He signed up for event #47 No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout and after an intense battle he won the trophy and €104,070.

It has been a pretty busy tournament leading into the final part of this successful series, which ends on September 3rd. A total of 577 players signed up for the €1,100 buy-in tournament, with a prize pool of €553,920 shared among the top 87 entrants.

Rafael Moraes finished second in this competition.

To make the Colombian story even more epic, Cañas defeated the famous Brazilian grinder Rafael Moraes, he had to give up the trophy to the Colombian and received a bonus of 65,200 euros. Oleg Vasylchenko completed the podium with €46,000.

This award for Canas is the crowning of his great talent, since a few days ago in August he finished eighth at theJackie’s inPanama Poker Tour‘s main event saw him win $16,000.

Other outstanding Latino players who successfully completed the ITM in this event are Lin Yi (50th place, 2,200 euros), Richard Dubey Ni(34th, 2,550 euros), Fernando Campo (32nd, 2,550 euros). and Ivonne Oviedo (10th, €8,400).

Freezeout – EPT Barcelona

Buy-in: 1,100 € Tickets: 577 Pot: 553,920 €

Final Table

1 ° Rodrigo Cañas – € 104,0702° Rafael Moraes – €65,2003° Oleg Vasichenko – €46,5504° Cristiano Ferreira – €35,8005° Ankit Ahuja – €27,5506° Antoine Franken – €21,2007° Joshua Stewart – €16,3008° Gerard Rubiralta – €12,5509° Pedro De Cunha – €10,050

More ITM Latino

10° Ivonne Oviedo – €8,40032. Fernando Campo – €2,25034° Richard Daubigny – €8,40050° Yin Lin – €2,200

PS: We will update the description once we have the official winner photo.

Rodrigo Cañas wins his fourth Latin American title...

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  • Katlynn.schmitt

    This text describes the recent success of Rodrigo Cañas in a poker tournament, where he won the trophy and €104,070. It also mentions other notable Latino players who performed well in the event.

  • This text describes Rodrigo Cañas’ success in the EPT Barcelona tournament, where he finished 12th in one event and went on to win another, earning a significant cash prize. The text also highlights other notable Latino players who achieved success in the tournament.

  • It seems like Rodrigo Cañas had an impressive performance at the EPT Barcelona tournament, finishing 12th in one event and then winning another event for a substantial cash prize. His success against strong competition, including well-known players like Rafael Moraes, shows his growing talent and potential in the poker world.

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