Peter Patricio uses Guardiola interview for sarcastic criticism

Peter There’s no doubt that Patrício, who has been one of the biggest names in Brazilian poker for years, is in for a buzzing phase in 2023. The samba duo commanded attention on the field, but also off it. Active on social media, Pitang never hides the fact that he has a busy social life and loves to drink. This caused him to be criticized by other players more than once.

Stars also responded publicly, taking no chances and classic “teams that don’t drink,” “I’m not going to win.” This week, famous Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola ) interview, Pitao takes on the “haters” again on his Instagram.

Since Manchester City was crowned Premier League champions ahead of schedule last weekend, the team simply kept up with the late schedule yesterday ( 24) against Brighton. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and Guardiola celebrated the result. The reason? He explained after the game: “40 hours ago we drank all the liquor.

The head coach admits to the Manchester City hangover, Mineiro wrote: “Guardiola be careful because soon there will be some coaches who showed up yesterday who have not won anything in their careers. They want to dictate how you should live your life and celebrate your successes. Pitang ended with another tongue-in-cheek statement:

“What a disappointment, I thought Manchester City were a good team but they drank too much to celebrate? Don’t follow yourself, Unprofessional city, what a poor example.”

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  • Keebler.madison

    This text seems to be discussing the Brazilian poker player Patrício and his active social life, including his love for drinking. It also mentions a recent interview with Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola where he jokes about the team’s celebration hangover. Overall, the text appears to highlight the playful banter between Patrício and Guardiola.

  • This text discusses how Brazilian poker player Patrício Pitang is facing criticism for his social life and love for drinking. It mentions that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola recently mentioned drinking after their team’s victory, and Pitang sarcastically criticizes City for their celebration.

  • The text discusses Brazilian poker player Patrício and his active social life and love for drinking, which has received criticism from other players. The text also mentions Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola celebrating with alcohol after winning the Premier League, prompting a response from Patrício, expressing disappointment in the team’s behavior.

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