Pablo Brito repeats last week’s performance, exits Mega Millions in 7th

Pablo Brito repeats last week's performance, exits...

The country’s first three-time Mega Millions champion won’t be coming. Pablo Brito, who reached the final for the second consecutive year, was eliminated again in the round of sevens. The 9tales member earned a total of $52,256.

Pablo confirmed his presence in the decider with conditions likely to plague his opponent, but he spent just over forty minutes in the FT. Already the second-shortest stack at the table back in the seven-max event, the Brazilian had a good chance of another cash, but a poor beat saved short-stacked Arseni Malinov ( Arsenii Malinov). In a pre-flop all-in, he showed A 9♣ against Andrii Derzhypilkyi’s A♣Q♠. 10♣2♣9♦8♥9♥ The board hit the Russian in the stomach and he doubled up.

Derzhypilkyi then fell to the floor. Although the Ukrainian had only 10 BBS, Pablo pushed all-in on Malinov pre-flop. J♥J♠ vs. A♥K♠, he fell behind on the 3♦6♦4♥ flop, but the A♠ on the turn and the K♥ on the river gave his opponent two pair.

The 147th Mega Millions surpassed the $1,000,000 guarantee after 106 participants registered. See how much each finalist has won from the $1,060,000 prize pool:

1. “P1ppin” $230,343

2. Enrico “DarkwingDuck” Rudelitz (Germany) $179,888

3. Duco Haven (Netherlands) $140,485

4. Joshua McCully (Australia) $109,713

5. Arsenii Malinov (Russia) $85,681

6. Andrii Derzhypilkyi (Ukraine) $66,913

7. Pablo Brito (Brazil) $52,256

8. Ottomar Ladva (Estonia) $40,810

9. Milos “Picasso98” Petakovic (Montenegro) $31,871

Pablo Brito repeats last week's performance, exits...

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