Guilherme Paz is WSOPC Series $125 Sunday 100-Stack Champion

Guilherme Paz is WSOPC Series $125 Sunday 100-Stac...

As usual, the country’s mills were able to claim victory in the most important GGPoker tournament. This Sunday, the 3rd, Guilherme “Lekaton” Paz took the podium in the $125 Sunday Hundred, valid for the WSOPC Series. After defeating 2,128 opponents, his balance increased by $30,859.

The $215 Bounty Hunter Sunday Dance featured Bruno “Baltroz_” Souza (3rd place) and Régis “Gaucho Macho” Kogler (4th place). ) received $24,371. $15,199 per person.

Yago “porco1337” Simplício, meanwhile, earned $20,735 with a silver medal finish in the $250 Sunday Monster Stack event.

High roller Rodrigo Selouan finished third out of 104 entries in the $1,500 European Grand Prix, earning $20,196.

Also on the site, Davi Cola took home $20,088 [almost] for his performance in the $777 Sunday Lucky Seven HR contest. A total of 91 players participated in the tournament.

Guilherme Paz is WSOPC Series $125 Sunday 100-Stac...

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  • The text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players in various GGPoker tournaments, with notable wins and cash prizes. It demonstrates the skill and competitiveness of the country’s poker community on an international level.

  • This text highlights the success of various Brazilian poker players in online tournaments, where they were able to claim significant cash prizes. The achievements of players such as Guilherme Paz, Bruno Souza, and Yago Simplício showcase the talent and skill of Brazilian poker community.

  • Heidenreich.louie

    It seems like the country’s players had a strong showing in GGPoker tournaments, with multiple individuals earning significant amounts of money. It’s impressive to see their success across a variety of events and buy-in levels.

  • Koepp.brendon

    It seems that the country’s poker players are performing well in various tournaments, with multiple players achieving significant wins. The individuals mentioned have demonstrated their skill and ability to compete at a high level in these events.

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