Foreigner Dominates KSOP GGPoker Main Event Winner

2023 KSOP GGPoker Season, Foreign Players Dominate...

KSOP GGPoker is traditionally a South American circuit. Although the group is predominantly Brazilian, many runners from neighboring South American countries also compete at events held here, and many gringos feature prominently on Brazil’s most popular circuit.

For a while, this situation has become commonplace. Some foreigners are winning KSOP GGPoker tournaments in all shapes and forms. But what attracts the most attention is their achievements in the main competition of various competitions. There seems to be a special feel to the foreigner in the main event, and it has been shining for a long time.

In recent years, players from other countries have won the Main Event many times, but the 2023 season is a clear example of South America’s competitive strength. Although many Brazilian stars have appeared in this year’s main event, only foreigners have won the main event. The movie is even being replayed online.

This season, Argentina has three victories and Colombia has one in the biggest edition. See below:

Day 1 – KSOP GGPoker Rio

To show foreigners what they can do in 2023, Gringo heads up the champion in the season opener. Argentina’s Jeronimo Abalos emerged as the big winner of the tournament, beating a very strong Colombian Sebastian Fonseca, who was in the foreign standings Ranked among the best, second overall.

Jeronimo Abalos defeated 1,111 entrants to win the Main Event with an event fee of R$346,500. At the final table of the tournament, Abalos told a great redemption story, taking the title from short-stacked situations and claiming the biggest win of his career. This is the beginning of the outsider’s work, and the cries of “dale, campeón” have sounded.

Phase 2 – KSOP GGPoker Special – Balneário Camboriú

The second phase of 2023 is the biggest yet. The KSOP GGPoker Special was definitely a feast for the players and the biggest cheers came from the Colombian players who were always there and loud. The star of the event, Julian Pineda, took home a memorable win in the Main Event.

The Colombian, Pocarr, went heads-up with soccer player Luis Henrique Taffner and won the biggest KSOP of the year GGPoker tournament. Pineda cashed in a whopping R$1,200,000, the largest sum ever paid out at the event, and forever etched his name in the track’s history. The KSOP GGPoker Special Main Event has 2,390 entries.

Stage 3 – KSOP GGPoker Iguazu

The first KSOP GGPoker International was held in downtown Foz do Iguazu, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, and was won by local players. Federico Tur was the first main event final table to be held outside of Brazil, extending foreign dominance in this regard.

Hermano won and secured the classic heads-up match between Brazil and Argentina. The trophy The Gringos defeated Paulo Cícero from Northeast Brazil, who also had a good run in the tournament. By winning the title on home soil, Federico Tour was paid 255,000 reais, an amount fixed after an agreement with the Brazilian. A total of 728 entries participated in the competition.

KSOP GGPoker Online

Brazil is probably the best country today when it comes to online poker. But even in “house specials,” they couldn’t take the title away from foreigners. Continuing this year’s tradition and dominance, another Argentine player called out the winner at KSOP GGPoker Online.

Mariano Jimenez defeated stiff competition from top player Marcello Giordano to win the series. Online Main Event and claim another Albiceleste title of the season. Jimenez fought his way through a field of 432 entrants to earn $8,019, his fourth of four victories for the Gringo this season.

2023 KSOP GGPoker Season, Foreign Players Dominate...

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  • This text discusses the success of foreign players in the KSOP GGPoker South American circuit, particularly in the main events. It highlights the achievements of players from Argentina and Colombia in recent years, showcasing their competitive strength and victories.

  • This text highlights the success of foreign players in the KSOP GGPoker tournaments in South America, specifically in Brazil. It emphasizes the achievements of players from Argentina and Colombia in the main events, showcasing their dominance over Brazilian players.

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