For the bracelet: Korn one of the front-runners in 19th event

For the bracelet: Korn one of the front-runners in...

The dream is intact. After a strong first day, Andres Korn entered Event #19 in the US$2,500 Freezeout No Limit Hold’emDay 2 puts him back in contention for his first 2023 WSOP bracelet, which will be his second career bracelet.

And outstanding field, in large part due to its format, Event #19 attracted 1,139 participants with a buy-in of $2,500 Collected prize pool $2,534,275 to be distributed among the top 171 players.

Qiang Xu is the chip leader for the tournament.

Thursday’s event ended with 144 survivors returning to the table after a grueling battle With only 11 remaining at the end of the tournament, Korn took the chips 4,760,000 came in third, the only one being a representative of the Latin Armada.

Currently the chip leader is Qiang. Title contenders include Alexandre Reard (4,800,000) and Niall Farrell (1,700,000), also a past bracelet winner.

For the bracelet: Korn one of the front-runners in...

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  • Dickens.brice

    This text provides updates and highlights from Event #19 of the 2023 WSOP, focusing on the performance of Andres Korn and the current chip leader, Qiang Xu. It also mentions the strong competition and notable players in contention for the bracelet.

  • Oconnell.rosie

    This text provides an update on Andres Korn’s performance in Event #19 of the 2023 WSOP, highlighting his strong position on Day 2 and his chances of winning his second career bracelet. It also mentions the participation numbers, prize pool, and the chip leaders in the tournament.

  • Winona.padberg

    This text provides updates on the progress of Andres Korn in the US$2,500 Freezeout No Limit Holdem event at the 2023 WSOP. Korn has a chance to win his second career bracelet, and the remaining players include Qiang Xu, Alexandre Reard, and Niall Farrell.

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