Duarte continues Charrúa dominance at EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty

Duarte continues Charrúa dominance at EPT Barcelon...

Uruguayan Mathías Duarte was crowned tournament champion with a surprising knockout to win the European Poker Tour (EPT) The first silver medal Pica stopped in the Catalan capital. After defeating Britain’s Conor Beresford in a heads-up match, Duarte won €192,000, which included his championship bonus and the bonus he received for overseeing eliminations. Escort won €100,000, while Israeli Tom Orpaz completed the podium with €143,200, of which €95,000 was a KO bonus.

Duarte won his first silver medal with pica in Barcelona, ​​giving him the highest bonus of his career. The €10200 No Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty tournament was decided on Tuesday, marking the start of the European Poker Tour (EPT)‘s Barcelona. Uruguay’s Mathías Duarte ultimately held all the chips and took over from his compatriot Francisco “Tomatee” Benítez on this visit ), Francisco “Tomatee” Benítez won the last continental tour event in the Catalan capital in 2022. Duarte defeated British player Conor Beresford in a heads-up match and won a prize of 192,000 euros, the highest prize this year in its history

Conor Beresford accompanies Mathías Duarte on this Mystery Bounty.

Charrúa is known for his The title earned him €104,500; he also received €87,500 in prize money as a result of the eliminations he made on his way to victory. The winner receives one of the most generous knockout prizes worth €50,000. Beresford, in turn, increased his bankroll by €100,000, €67,500 of which came from the subtitle, while another €32,500 was the result of him forcing one of his opponents out of his hole. seat. Rounding out the podium was Israeli Tom Orpaz, who finished third and received €48,200 in prize money, making him the biggest winner of knockout prizes and accumulating concept earnings of €95,000.

During his last visit to Barcelona for the Continental Championship in August 2022, Duarte finished ninth in the tournament in the same format, but bought The entry fee is only €1,150. His advance bonus is therefore €10,840. This time, the competition in whichDuarte won the championship has an even more attractive prize pool after registration has closed, with a total of 79 participants, equivalent to a prize of 790,000 euros. Of this amount, €371,300 will be distributed as live prizes to the top 11 players, while the remaining €418,700 will be awarded as random eliminations.

The good results of the Latin American teams in this competition also include the Brazilian Ramon Kropmanns who finished seventh, who received an advance payment of 18,100 euros, but received bonuses Much higher knockout. In this way he raised 72,500 euros. Also participating are Argentina’s Jose Ignacio “Nacho” Barbero and the tournament’s previous champion, Uruguay’s Francisco “Tomat” Benitez. While Barbero’s early retirement prevented him from adding the program to his tally this season, Benítez struggled to reach 20th place in the overall standings but also came away empty-handed.

We end the review with the prize money table for the finalists of the competition:


Ramon Kropmanns rounded out the good balance of the tournament with the Latin American Armada.

Winner: Mathías Duarte (Uruguay) – Prize money: €104,500. Premium: €87,500. Total: €192,000Second place: Conor Beresford (UK) – Leader: €67,500. R: €32,500. T: €100,000Third Place: Tom Orpaz (Israel) – P: €48,200. Answer: €95,000. T: €143,2004. Venue: Patrick Kennedy (UK) – Price: €37,100. Answer: €15,000. Telephone: €52,1005°: Quanzhou (China) – Telephone: €28,500. R: 0. T: 28,500 €Sixth place: Erik Seidel (USA) – P: 22,700 €. R: €17,500. T: 40,200 €Seventh place: Ramon Kropmanns (Brazil) – P: 18,100. R: €72,500. Telephone: €90,6008. Location: Onassini Mansouri (France) – Prize money: €14,500. Answer: €15,000. Phone: €29,500.

Duarte continues Charrúa dominance at EPT Barcelon...

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  • Christelle.rogahn

    This text reports on Mathías Duarte’s victory in the European Poker Tour (EPT) tournament in Barcelona, where he defeated Conor Beresford and won a prize of €192,000. Duarte’s win marked his first silver medal with pica in Barcelona, and he received the highest bonus of his career.

  • The text discusses the European Poker Tour (EPT) tournament held in Barcelona, where Uruguayan Mathías Duarte emerged as the champion, winning €192,000. It also mentions the performance of other players and the distribution of prize money.

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