Bruno Porto Finishes 2nd in SCOOP Event 15-L

A few hours after Yuri Martins’ double SCOOP title, Bruno “brunoporto12” Porto was one knockout away from repeating his compatriot’s performance. In Event 15-L: $109 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday), he built a huge heads-up lead, but Czech “Willy222444” turned the tide and took the title. All told, the Brazilian won $43,821.

In the winning hand, Bruno checked behind “Willy222444” cleanly. The flop came K♠10♠8♠ and both were on the turn. In round 3, they did the same. Finally, on the Q♠ river, “Willy222444” bet 10,720,000 and Bruno bet 3,600,000. Bruno then responded with a 3-bet all-in for 50.4 million. “Willy222444” called for 54.4 million with 9♠4♦. Bruno lost his entire stack with Q 10.

In Event 15-L, “gustavogar55” (4th) and “hilario1640” (7th) also took home $21,910 and $7,746 respectively.

Rafael Furlanetto helped decide Event 15-M: $109 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday). The youngster from The Team finished fourth with $43,608 in funding.

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  • Taryn.abernathy

    This text describes a poker tournament where Yuri Martins won a double title, but Bruno Porto fell short in the heads-up and lost in the final hand. Other Brazilian players also had notable finishes in the event.

  • The text is describing the performance of Brazilian poker players in a tournament. It highlights the success of Yuri Martins and Bruno Porto, who came close to winning but ultimately lost. Other players such as gustavogar55, hilario1640, and Rafael Furlanetto also had notable finishes in different events.

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