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Bruno Porto Finishes 2nd in SCOOP Event 15-L

A few hours after Yuri Martins’ double SCOOP title, Bruno “brunoporto12” Porto was one knockout away from repeating his compatriot’s performance. In Event 15-L: $109 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday), he built a huge heads-up lead, but Czech “Willy222444” turned the tide and took the title. All told, the Brazilian won $43,821.

In the winning hand, Bruno checked behind “Willy222444” cleanly. The flop came K♠10♠8♠ and both were on the turn. In round 3, they did the same. Finally, on the Q♠ river, “Willy222444” bet 10,720,000 and Bruno bet 3,600,000. Bruno then responded with a 3-bet all-in for 50.4 million. “Willy222444” called for 54.4 million with 9♠4♦. Bruno lost his entire stack with Q 10.

In Event 15-L, “gustavogar55” (4th) and “hilario1640” (7th) also took home $21,910 and $7,746 respectively.

Rafael Furlanetto helped decide Event 15-M: $109 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday). The youngster from The Team finished fourth with $43,608 in funding.

American Beasts Card Room is a big weekly game

It’s not just a promotion, it’s like a friend lends you money and you don’t have to pay it back. The Beast by Americas Cardroom is simply a way of rewarding its users for playing the game. You don’t need to register or have a special ticket to play this week’s game. The only thing you have to do is play. Really? Yes, that’s all…

It doesn’t matter if it’s live watch trading, tournament , Sit & Go or casually by participating in the tables in the room, you have collected the points credited to the weekly table. Top ranked players will receive cash prizes. It’s that simple.

Between Saturday 00:00* and Friday 23:59 EST*, all users can earn table slots while playing their favorite games The unit.

The cash race payout structure is based on the size of the prize pool. As the prize pool grows, so will the paid slots.

There are four payment tiers in The Beast:

  • Tier 1: $500
  • Tier 2: $250
  • Tier 3: $125
  • Level 4: $50

For every $3,500 in The Beast cash prize pool, the prize pool will increase:

  • One from Level 1
  • Two from Level 2
  • Five from Level 3
  • Level 4 of 20
  • Fill the next race with $875….

Remaining funds (in multiples of $3,500) As The Beast boost applies to the top slots on tiers 2, 3, and 4 while maintaining their respective caps.

The Beast and the weekly tournament

The Beast are all about rewarding more poker players. For this reason, each weekly tournament also includes a separate section awarding seats to satellites of major tournaments such as the WSOP Main Event, Million Dollar Sunday, Venom and others. As the prize pool increases, more players will get more seats at the end of each week’s competition.

The winner of the competition will enter the Satellite Tournament two Sundays after each week’s competition and will be automatically registered.

Just days away from Winclub Platinum Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, one of the premier poker venues in the country, will once again host an event9 days of exciting action on the table and unbelievable guaranteed prize pools.

Winclub Platinum Vallarta will be starting this Saturday until May 21 for over 4 million pesos Assigned to 5 games facility at Winclub Casino.

Focus on the Main Event, 6,000 MXN buy-in and 6 takeoffs (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F Turbo) . Starting stacks are 50,000 points, late registration up to level 10, 30 and 40 minute blinds. The total prize pool is 3 million Mexican Pesos.

For high rollers, there is also the 1 Million GTD High Roller with a 20,000 MXN entry fee and a 40 minute level. The program also includes the Opening Tournament, Second Chance and the coveted Mystery Bounty with a buy-in of MXN3, 000.

As if that wasn’t enough, Multiple live satellite events will be held in 20+ WPT seats worldwide Mexico City and other events for the Main Event and High Roller. Other venues in Mexicali, Aguascalientes and Cosmopol will also hold qualifiers.

For those who prefer to add to make the cash games even more exciting, there will be a Cash Festival during the tournament.

You can find all the information on the Festival website as well as on the Official Fabebook page where you can find some accommodation options and special offers.

The incredible feat of two WPT final tables

Professional Bin Weng is going through a unique and unrepeatable moment life’s career, and can make new history in WPT’s books.

Recently, the Chinese-American posed next to photos of finalists in the WPT Main Event at the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, a scene he repeated a few days later, but now It was the final table of the WPT Choctaw. As if that wasn’t enough, what’s even more interesting is that it was positioned as the chip leader in both cases.

This story is told in the present tense as both events ended in the final table format and will end the month with the spectacular HyperX Arena in Las Vegas. The players have been rested and should meet again in a few weeks, and Weng has a chance to win two World Poker Tour titles in a few days in a row.

Tips for Mastering the Art of the C-Bet

New video tutorial series titled “Facts to Learn” features first episode guest star Lucia Navarro is an ambassador among the 888poker room ambassadors. The Spaniard gave five tips for mastering the technique of C-Bet, namely continuation betting, which for most beginners is understood as a bet by a player who raises pre-flop, And continue betting after the flop. C-Bet Lucia Navarro is a celebrity grinder and YouTuber who has been part of the 888poker team since 2022.

“When you’re up against a weaker player who pays high on the flop but rarely raises, your c-betting strategy should be to bet big often, no matter what kind of flop you see. “According to grinder, this type of player will usually fold if not at the table, but if they raise, it’s a good indication of their hand strength. If they call, they can win the pot on the turn for a higher bet.

Number of Players

“If it was a multiway pot, we would significantly reduce the c-bet frequency,” the cash pro continued. In their view, players need better hands to win the pot in this situation, so a small bet is a good way out. “Low risk because betting with two bad guys is already considered a strong move.”

Opponent Ranking

“You should always consider the nature of the flop before continuing to bet,” Lucia says, “because you are the aggressor pre-flop and low connection flops probably won’t hurt you.” More at within reach of the bad guys. On the other hand, he thinks it might be more beneficial to bet on a high flop, meaning your opponent folds more. “The better the flop is for you, the more often you should c-bet . “

Bet Size

“The bet size should vary according to the nature of the flop.” The standard size of cue bets has decreased over the years, but that doesn’t mean they have to be the same value. “On dry land, we’re interested in making a small c-bet, about 1/3 of the pot,” he commented. Instead of acting on the flop, she says you should bet 3/4.

Hand Strength

“The strength of our hand on the flop is one of the factors that determine whether we should bet,” she said of the final pick. “If your middle hand isn’t very weak, like JJ on the flop of Q72, you should check because only A and K are bad hands for your hand because the caller won’t have many Qx. However. “If the attacker’s starting hand is 88 on the same flop, then she thinks a small c-bet is ideal to protect her hand from A, K, J, T, and 9,” says the lady judged.

Will you sell your WSOP 2023 stake? remember this

WSOP is about to start, and many would-be players are starting to plan their tournament schedule and offer some stakes.

While the most important thing for many is being able to raise enough support, it is important to remember to factor so-called markups into the equation.

The WSOP is fast approaching in Las Vegas, If a player thinks he is good enough to face an event and try to get an ITM or win a bracelet

For example, in a tournament with a buy-in of $1,000, a player decides to win 50% of the value, or $500: this premium determines that a stock that costs $1 may cost $1.10. The extra $0.10 is an added value for those competing at the table with other competitors.

Another factor to consider is that all intermediate conditions players and investors should agree in writing in advance. In recent years, particularly at the WSOP, there has been controversy over alleged cheating and non-compliance with protocol cheating.

Last but especially, upon arrival in Las Vegas the player should provide Sufficient information and ongoing communication with the registrant to decide to invest. Regardless of what happens with this edition, professionals should consider building lasting relationships for future travel or attending other festivals.


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