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Peter Patricio uses Guardiola interview for sarcastic criticism

Peter There’s no doubt that Patrício, who has been one of the biggest names in Brazilian poker for years, is in for a buzzing phase in 2023. The samba duo commanded attention on the field, but also off it. Active on social media, Pitang never hides the fact that he has a busy social life and loves to drink. This caused him to be criticized by other players more than once.

Stars also responded publicly, taking no chances and classic “teams that don’t drink,” “I’m not going to win.” This week, famous Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola ) interview, Pitao takes on the “haters” again on his Instagram.

Since Manchester City was crowned Premier League champions ahead of schedule last weekend, the team simply kept up with the late schedule yesterday ( 24) against Brighton. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and Guardiola celebrated the result. The reason? He explained after the game: “40 hours ago we drank all the liquor.

The head coach admits to the Manchester City hangover, Mineiro wrote: “Guardiola be careful because soon there will be some coaches who showed up yesterday who have not won anything in their careers. They want to dictate how you should live your life and celebrate your successes. Pitang ended with another tongue-in-cheek statement:

“What a disappointment, I thought Manchester City were a good team but they drank too much to celebrate? Don’t follow yourself, Unprofessional city, what a poor example.”

GCOOP X and Pokerdom Rake Race – £60,000,000 worth of prizes

Pokerdom has once again announced a slew of New Year’s promotions that will run for almost two months. For GCOOP и рейк-гонки в Покердом”>The New Year’s Eve Sale is back.

For the second year in a row, Pokerdom has announced a huge New Year’s Sale for all forms and types of poker players:

2022 From 5th December to 31st January 2023, Pokerdom will host a series of GCOOPs

Action list includes:


The Global Cup of Online Poker X will be held from December 16th to January 15th, and will host 100 tournaments.

That is, the number of events will be reduced by three times while maintaining the record guarantee .

Special features of the festival:

₽ 650,000 and ₽ 1,000,000 will be drawn on the two best lists. In the first round, the top 15 players each week share prizes:

*Each eliminated player gets 1 point in the elimination leaderboard.

Red Star Poker Weekly Speed ​​Race

At the end of 2022, Fast Poker gets a “second life” under the skin of the iPoker network: new restrictions appear and traffic increases dramatically. Therefore, it is logical to launch a special weekly Speed ​​Race promotion with a total prize pool of €8,000.

Features of the race

The iPoker network is very There are fewer promotions for cash players, because cash players are highly loyal and relatively small commission systems can also earn commission rebates. But the two months at the turn of 2022-2023 are an exception:

RedStar, Titan and Betfair Poker will host eight rounds of the €1,000 weekly scramble from 5 December to 29 January.

  • To participate, you must register in the “Tasks” section of the client.
  • Points are awarded when you win a pocket pair.
  • In the 1,000 hand range, only the hand counts.
  • During a week, the player can “reset” the hand counter up to 99 times and start over with credits.

A multiplier will be applied to accumulated points according to the limit:

Deadlines are Sunday-Monday at midnight GMT. At the end of each round, the top 75 players will receive a prize:

why now ?

Just two months ago we wrote about why Fast Poker had been an unpopular format on the iPoker network for years, as a series of events occurred almost immediately that drastically changed the situation for Speed.

First, three new limits of up to €NL100 were added to the lobby, and in mid-November PokerMatch became the new skin of the network and most of its players started playing SpeedPoker exclusively.

Therefore, up to 200 connections are charged EUR 5 NL during peak hours and more than 100 connections are charged EUR 10 NL. There is also traffic on NL20€ at certain times. The start of the New Year’s holiday tournament could lead to an even bigger “growth” in Fast Poker traffic.

PKOSS Tournament – $10,000,000 Guarantee at PokerKING

From October 30 to November 14, 2022, Winning Network (WPN) will host a PKO Online Super Series with a total guarantee of $10 million. Full details of his schedule and tournament can be found in this article.

Win PKO Online Super Series $10M at Multiple Sites Guaranteed Bonus

Features of the series

The network last hosted a special tournament series with progressive elimination in the spring of 2021, after which its organizers sought to collect record prize money due to the sheer number of events (over 200). And a $5 million guarantee for The Venom PKO has been added to the schedule.

The new events under this brand are designed differently:

PokerKing, Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker will host PKO online super events between October 30 and November 14, 2022 Series with a total guarantee of $10 million over 100 events.

  1. The buying range remains wide from $1.40 to $1050. Meanwhile, tournaments with BIs of $119 and $215 make up almost half of the tournament schedule (47 MTTs).
  2. Guarantees for one-day tournaments range from $2,000 to $250,000, and most people’s prize money, however, is $15,000 to $100,000 for these events.
  3. Five multi-day tournaments are planned, two of which are Million Dollar Championships. Collectively, these events only concentrated 28% of the stipulated guarantee for the entire series.
  4. There will be 11 Omaha tournaments (three of which will be in hi-lo format). The biggest of these is the PKOSS #42, the $150,000 GTD PLO8 6-Max, which is $1,050 and will be held on November 6th.
  5. Traditionally, most events in the series have deep structures and long late registration periods. A default satellite grid is available in advance.

On Results and Funding – Issue 119

I get a lot of emails from readers talking about my articles and books. Most of them thank me saying that after reading my articles they will start making money. I really appreciate that what I write helps people, but I’m very careful when responding to thanks like that. Unfortunately, many of the positive impressions they get are illusory. Positive results for a day, a week or a month mean nothing. No-limit hold’em varies too much to measure how well you’re doing in just a few games. For example, if you’re hitting a flush draw or two more often than usual, that’s a good reason why your equity is high. It is not only wrong to associate the reading of a book, even a good one, with a beneficial meeting. It can negatively affect you in three ways. First, if you read it and win, you may take the book more seriously than you should. Second, when a series of inevitable losses occurs, people don’t accept it and look for answers that don’t exist. Third, it downplays the importance of the work needed to improve poker – the last point deserves its own paragraph. There are two benchmarks in poker that determine its longevity. The first is the expectation of winning or losing. Second, variance. In most cases, when we look at the resulting graph, we see variance. The snake moves violently up and down from time to time. While quantifying variance is very important to dealers and players, to the average poker player who wants to know how good or bad he is, variance is noise. The larger the variance, the more noise.However, expectations represent trends in outcomes. The longer the period, the more reliable the chart. Does it increase or decrease over time? In order to know whether a player is good or not, we should observe the slope. Subtle as it may be, it will separate the losers from the winners. If you don’t get this, the ascent in your chart may lead you to believe that with a quick read you can get where you want. But I can guarantee that spending a few hours reading two or three books will not make your poker skills much better. Reading is only part of learning, important, but only part. You can’t read the first five chapters of a book on knee surgery and then operate on a patient. In its proportions, it also applies to poker. You need to read, practice, reread, practice and reread. This process will make you better. However, there is one thing that always strikes me as odd. Rarely do people text me that they are lost after reading my book or article. Just as some people have a good experience after watching it, there are also many people who will lose it. But why don’t they complain? Probably because they blame themselves for their losses: “Oh, I must have applied or misunderstood the concept. But remember, like wins, losses mean nothing in the short term.”Books are a start, but in the long run, it is the effort you put into your studies that will determine your results. If you get good grades, you don’t have to share the credit. You deserve it. Bankroll Traps in Live Games

Other very common questions I get are: “Is $X enough to play $1-$2?” Honestly, I It is not recommended that you not think about your bankroll at all until you play $2-$5 or $5-$10 regularly. I will explain why. When players lose, their bankroll is not enough to support them. There is a downward curve for losers. Even with the upside, eventually they lose all the money they have saved playing poker. It is a mistake to think that a certain amount of money is enough to play $1-$2. There is no such thing. You should only consider it if you have a normal win rate – which brings us to the next point. If your win rate is low, the money that is mathematically “enough” must be much bigger than the “X” you gave me in the question above. That’s because no one asked me if $50,000 was enough to play $1-2. People always wonder if $2,000 or $4,000 is a good deal. In fact, the question of how much is enough to play $1-$2 can only be answered if you have a very high regular income. When you hit a jackpot, you know it for sure. You won’t have any questions coming to mind, at least not most of the time. You’ll know you’re good at your limits. You’re better than most guys out there. Yes, you will win. No, not every time. Not every week. But great players win in live poker (online is a whole different story). So, yes, $4,000 is probably more than enough in this case – but this player wouldn’t ask me that question because he’s probably already made $8,000 or more. So my answer is no. You don’t have enough balance to play $1-$2. That’s it, you probably shouldn’t quit your job and move to another city to play every day. Play what you have. Try to be a better player. Then one day, you worry about getting banned.

It Takes a Lot of Luck – Issue 119

One of the things that people struggle to understand is how poker can maintain an almost constant curve over time, even though we see ridiculous variance in tournaments at the tables. God bless us, bad beats are everywhere…

The truth is, our brains have a hard time making sense of these two things because they are a series of short-term events bundled together. Scenes that frustrate us directly affect our emotions, which impairs the brain’s ability to rationally interpret facts.

Look, the way math behaves is weird. If we think that our chances of winning a higher pair and a lower pair 3 times in a row (80%/20%) are the same as our chances of winning a coin toss (50%/50%), we can think that it is easier to imagine our How much luck do you need to win the game? I see people talking about how you have to win multiple negative situations to win the game, but the gap is much bigger. Winning one after the other only under the most favorable circumstances will make us very happy even in the short term. We win more games in a given game, take advantage of our post-flop play, and ultimately achieve our ultimate goal: victory.

Over time, this is how math works perfectly. No wonder the short-term charts are a real whirlwind, while the long-term charts depict exactly how far the player is ahead of the opponent.

This understanding also helps a lot when trading with bad beats, as it allows you to view each as an investment that will bring the long-awaited thrill. Just like a bank, you accumulate credit with every bad beat. When your bankroll reaches a certain amount, you will always win the game. If you haven’t accumulated a lot of bad rhythms, that’s a sign the nails aren’t piling up. Think about it and see how your relationship with the game will align, and you will naturally improve in the way you play the game and your relationship with the differences in the game – which is quite high in the short term.

If you want to do an interesting exercise, you can view the history of the hands you have played in winning tournaments. Count how many times you have won and lost preflop all-in. You will clearly see that the scales are uneven. To compensate for this, you have to lose a lot of all-ins in other tournaments. This is what makes math perfect in the long run.

The PLO opened the doors of the World Music Festival to La Roja, and César García stepped in.

The PLO opened the doors of the World Music Festiv...

Four levels of Omaholic Block Party Turbo At first it didn’t look like the easiest way for Spanish players to make their mark on the new GGPoker World Festival.

The rest of the day was enjoyed without shame or glory, the only Reds success that seemed to be Gerard Carbó in the Daily Heater $215 Victory, which is in addition to the official rainbow program distributed in the MTT lobby.

Don’t undercut” gf0rk4ll“, who also achieved a prize pool of $10,048 with an impressive bounty harvest.

But today there is one more event to say goodbye to, the last minute of the Turbo Championship, this time Pot Limit Omaha.

Cesar Garcia was one of 12 brave enough to sign up for the super class table, the WF69-S Omaholic Block Party Turbo $5,250, and Avoid mentioning his name in any rebuys that guarantee tournaments $10,000 more than the $100,000 originally guaranteed to be raised.

Canary got it going heads-up with UnlimitdBankrol, a well-known high-stakes cash specialist in the industry who has won as many as four jackpots, but this time luck He didn’t disappoint, he finished second in Cesar’s Race Championship (2nd. Space, $35,414).

Jose Castillo is also holding four cards ready to enter the wee hours, he participated in The WF69-H Omaholic Block Party Turbo $525.

He finished 3rd out of 118 entries and earned him $8,029.

The PLO opened the doors of the World Music Festiv...

The 100-Year-Old Poker Player Who Played With Manimaker

100-year-old poker player

Within the walls of the Palm Beach Kennel Club, A race happened HORSE. Sitting around the table is Chris Manimaker, but he’s rarely not central. All eyes are on 100-year-old poker player Eugene Kalden.

Yes, it is the grandfather in the photo, who still plays poker at an advanced age. Interestingly, Eugene was 80 years old when the Manimaker won the 2003 WSOP Main Event. Eugene celebrated his 100th birthday in January:

100-летие покериста

The poker club official stated that Eugene was originally a H.O.R.S.E. competition. He then went to another room where he played cash games with blinds $2/5 until morning. Where does a 100-year-old grandfather get so much energy? His answer was simple: mint chocolate ice cream.

Also read: 77-Year-Old Steve Zolotow Wins Prestigious WPT Five-Diamond for $25,000

By the way, it was Eugene Chris Manimaker who was knocked out of the race. That’s not surprising, considering how much experience he’s had playing poker since the Great Depression.

What else can we add? We wish Eugene good health and continued playing his favorite game. We look forward to seeing him at the 2023 WSOP.

Yuri Martins Wins SCOOP Event 15-H for $205,000

Even under the toughest circumstances, top player Yuri Martins finds a way to win in the most technical online tournaments. On day four of SCOOP 2023, he left the final table of Event 15-H: $10,300 and a podium finish. Account holder “theNERDguy” won a total of $205,131.

Yuri even had 8 BBS when she decided to start. When his hole card was 3♥3♠, he declared all-in without even thinking about it. Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich was the only one who paid and put K♦Q♦ on the table. A 4♠J♦6♠J♥8♦ edge gave Yuri the lead as he doubled up.

After leaving the last seat, Yuri made another preflop all-in. With A♣Q♠ against A♥K♠, Daniil “NVoskob1986” Kiselev won his first FT knockout on the back of A♠4♣6♦10♦Q♦.

Yuris Partner in 9Tales, Rodrigo Selouan is the deck’s next victim. In a seven-handed game, he paid off a 4-bet all-in by Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro with A♥Q♠. Holding A♠J♦, the Finn found his out on a flop of 9♥J♠2♣ and sent the Parana native home.

Yuri remained far behind the leader and was saved by another Bad Beat boost. He beat Pablo Brito’s A♣10♣ with A♥9♥ and the 9♠ river rocked like never before.

The other finalists had to pay dearly for the saves. After packing, Yuri took the lead and never looked back. On the 3-handed table, he opened with Q♥Q♠ on the button and called “PAX176’s” 3-bet all-in with A♠Q♦. The 2♠9♣J♥3♥3♠ lead didn’t surprise Yuri, and he settled for a heads-up formation.

Without making Kelopuro dream to react, it took Yuri a few minutes to break out and end the fight. In the final hand, he went all-in pre-flop with A♣10♣. With K♠Q♥, the European has no chance of landing 8♣10♠2♦7♣2♥.

Event 15-H will feature 76 games, including 52 singles, with $760,000 in prizes to be given away. View breakdown:

1. Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins (Brazil) $205,131

2. Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro (Finland) $153,463

3 . “PAX176” (Poland) $115,078

4. Pablo “pabritz” Brito (Poland) $86,193

5. Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich (Poland) $64,559

6. “Heidegger807” (Canada) $48,354

7. Rodrigo “SELOUAN1991” Selouan (Brazil) $36,217

8. Daniil “NVoskob1986” Kiselev (Russia) $27,127 US$

9. Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois (Canada) $23,694

KSOP Iguazú Satellites Now Available on GGPoker

After Balneário Camboriú made history with the KSOP GGPoker Special, South American poker’s +EV circuit is once again packing its bags. From June 14th to 20th, the beautiful Argentinian city of Puerto Iguazu welcomes some of the continent’s best players for another million dollar tournament at KSOP GGPoker.

You can already qualify for the stage via satellites on GGPoker. The buy-in for tournaments that play directly into the Main Event is $50. Complete packages are also available for $85, $115 and $125 events.

As always, the grinder journey can start with a smaller investment, as the buy-in for Satellite Steps ranges from $5 to $20.

It’s very easy to find all tournaments, just follow the step-by-step guide:

Tournaments> GG Live> KSOP

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú has a GTD of 3 million USD, at City Center Casino.


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