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Diego Sorgatto and Dan Almeida post 79s on final day of WSOP

Diego Sorgatto and Dan Almeida post 79s on final d...

Those who do not make it to the Main Event can still compete for a number of bracelets until the end of the WSOP. In Event 79: $2,500 NL Hold’em, the battle for the coveted gem was fought between 24 players, including two Brazilians. Right now, Diego Sorgatto and Dan Almeida are pretty close at the table with 3,150,000 and 2,820,000 respectively.

The new leader is Seth Davies, a pro who is trying to save the top players who have dropped out of the group and never won a WSOP. With 9,425,000 in chips, he comfortably holds a 34 BBS lead over compatriot Justin Kindred (6,000,000).

Adding to the list of Event 79 stars is Portugal-Brazilian resident Rui Ferreira (4,300,000), who has an enviable resume in online MTTs. Last year, he won Event 19 at the WSOP Online: $5,000 PL Omaha and earned his first bracelet.

The match resumes at 15:00 (BST) and ends with the definition of a champion. The blinds are 50,000/100,000 and the ante is BB.


Seth Davies 9,425,000

Justin Kindred 6,000,000

Ramon Fernandez 5,020,000

James Anderson 4,360,000

Rui Ferreira 4,300,000

Samuel Bernabeu 4,250,000

Steven Stolzenfeld 3,550,000

Bruce Vandervoort 3,265,000

Diego Sorgato 3,150,000

Matias Gabrenja 3,130,000

Dan Almeida 2,825,000

Zradin Penev 2,620,000

Blake Napilara 2,300,000

Kartik Ved 2,220,000

Wu Junhao 1,980,000

Marco Bognani 1,850,000

Derek Normand 1,570,000

William Hill 1,000,000

George Jensen 975,000

Shashank Jain 950,000

Nick Palma 820,000

Galen Hall 705,000


1. $682,436

2. $421,761

3. $310,528

4. $230,772

5. $173,121

6. $131,111

7. $100,252

8. $77,401

9. $60,346

10-11. $47,516

12-13. $37,788

14-17. $30,356

18-24. $24,635

Diego Sorgatto and Dan Almeida post 79s on final d...

Pablo Brito repeats last week’s performance, exits Mega Millions in 7th

Pablo Brito repeats last week's performance, exits...

The country’s first three-time Mega Millions champion won’t be coming. Pablo Brito, who reached the final for the second consecutive year, was eliminated again in the round of sevens. The 9tales member earned a total of $52,256.

Pablo confirmed his presence in the decider with conditions likely to plague his opponent, but he spent just over forty minutes in the FT. Already the second-shortest stack at the table back in the seven-max event, the Brazilian had a good chance of another cash, but a poor beat saved short-stacked Arseni Malinov ( Arsenii Malinov). In a pre-flop all-in, he showed A 9♣ against Andrii Derzhypilkyi’s A♣Q♠. 10♣2♣9♦8♥9♥ The board hit the Russian in the stomach and he doubled up.

Derzhypilkyi then fell to the floor. Although the Ukrainian had only 10 BBS, Pablo pushed all-in on Malinov pre-flop. J♥J♠ vs. A♥K♠, he fell behind on the 3♦6♦4♥ flop, but the A♠ on the turn and the K♥ on the river gave his opponent two pair.

The 147th Mega Millions surpassed the $1,000,000 guarantee after 106 participants registered. See how much each finalist has won from the $1,060,000 prize pool:

1. “P1ppin” $230,343

2. Enrico “DarkwingDuck” Rudelitz (Germany) $179,888

3. Duco Haven (Netherlands) $140,485

4. Joshua McCully (Australia) $109,713

5. Arsenii Malinov (Russia) $85,681

6. Andrii Derzhypilkyi (Ukraine) $66,913

7. Pablo Brito (Brazil) $52,256

8. Ottomar Ladva (Estonia) $40,810

9. Milos “Picasso98” Petakovic (Montenegro) $31,871

Pablo Brito repeats last week's performance, exits...

Another WSOP 2023 Record: Largest PLO Tournament Ever

Another WSOP 2023 Record: Largest PLO Tournament E...

2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) marks a historic milestone. The impressive numbers so far underscore the organization’s ambitions to break attendance records for the Main Event. Event #13 US$600 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack attracted a staggering 3,200 entrants, making it the largest live tournament in PLO history. This success beats the record for the same event last year, when 2,858 registered.

Joseph Altomonte is a historic tournament winner.

The record-setting edition, with a total prize pool of $1,632,000, was the big winner Joseph Altomonte, who won his First bracelet and $217,102 in prize money. Altomonte even shared a bizarre anecdote that he stopped playing poker because of his ex-girlfriend, but managed to return after the relationship ended. The success of this attendance is also reflected in another variation of the game, Omaha Hi-Lo. Event #17 ($1,500 Omaha-Lo 8 or better) registered a total of 1,143 entrants, a new record for this type of event.

These impressive numbers speak to its growth and the worldwide popularity of this four-card specialty. Players are eager to take part in these world famous events and set new records. The excitement and competitiveness of the series is palpable and expect surprises and great results as the remaining races continue.

WSOP 2023 is in full swing and poker lovers around the world will be thrilled, keep an eye out for results and records broken in this historic game.

If you’d like to learn more about this dynamic mode, we’ve made a new game in order to do well at the WSOP this year, and we recommend you check out this tutorial by Andrés Herreda, author of this One of the top Spanish language experts on Four Card Stud.

VIDEO | PLO 100 Masterclass

Event #13: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack

Buy-In:$600 Number of participants: Pot: $1,632,000.

Final Table

1. Joseph Altomonte – $217,102 2nd place Michael Holmes – $134,171 3rd Stephen Wheeland – $100,976 4th Jorge Ufano – $76,516 5th Clayton Fletcher – $58,382 6th place Xing He – $44,856 7th place Ardit Bitincka – $34,706 8. Jerome Hickel – $27,042

ITM Latino

78° Segundo Cruz – $2,390 137° Gilberto Desis – $1,773 167° Alex Manzano – $1,545 293° Rafael Rodriguez – $1,202 308° Juan Escamilla – $1,202 322° Jose Morey – $1,202 324° Pedro Fernandez – $1,202 337° Armando Collado – $1,052 436° Rafael Caiaffa – $962

* Collection is complete.

Another WSOP 2023 Record: Largest PLO Tournament E...

at last! Haxton wins his first bracelet in record high roller

at last! Haxton wins his first bracelet in record-...

Isaac Haxton has reached the pinnacle of his career and he was able to claim a bracelet, one of the achievements he has been lacking and denied at past WSOPs.

And it’s not just any bracelet, it’s in the Event #16 $25,000 High Roller (8-handed). The tournament saw a record number of entries, attracting 301 entrants and a prize pool of $7,073,500.

HaxtonIt wasn’t easy last time out against Ryan on the other side of the table O’Donnell came first but He ended up winning and pocketing $1,698,215, with the Brit taking home $1,049 in cash. $577 left 2nd place.

It’s a win for

Isaac Haxton

The year continues for @ikepoker as he wins his $25,000 High Roller in Event #16 1st @WSOP bracelet! !!!

It took Haxton a long time, but now he can cross this achievement off the list.

He earned $1,698,215 in winnings.

📺 – Event replay:

– PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 9, 2023

As with other seasons by Fedor Holz or Justin Bonomo Finished, the dominance appears to belong to Haxton, who wins six major tournament titles in 2023 for more than $7 million in prize money. Bonomo was indeed a good friend of Ike’s, and he stood by the rail to watch him win. So, after the coronation, he was asked if he planned to challenge the all-time leader in live tournament money.

“No, not really,” Haxton laughed. , who has earned a total of $35 million in his career, compared to Bonomo’s $61 million. “I’m not really watching it. I love playing poker and winning money,” concluded Haxton, who continues to play with a mask on, even though it’s no longer mandatory. He thinks he’s doing it more to see other people’s faces – probably also from Kabbalah at this point.

Unfortunately none of the 46 players who made money were Latino – Nacho Barbero played but didn’t make Money – but other key players like Kristen Foxen, Espen Jostad and Sergio Eido who managed to win the money.

Event #16 $25,000 High Roller (8 Players)

Buy-In:$25,000Number of Participants:301Pot:$7,073,500

Final Table

1. Isaac Haxton – $1,698,215 2nd place Ryan O’Donnell – $1,049,577 3rd Darren Elias – $725,790 No. 4 Lewis Spencer – $511,782 No. 5 Roman Hrabec – $368,134 6th Frank Funaro – $270,238 7th Brian Rast – $202,532 8. Joao Vieira – $155,037

*The collection is complete.

at last! Haxton wins his first bracelet in record-...

[Video] First Latin Bracelet: Reese Becomes Champion and Celebrates

First Latin champion falls…Thanks to Rafael Reis, first green and yellow flag to fly in the halls of WSOP 2023, won a bracelet and a six-figure prize.

Brazil was strong until the final stretchEvent #15 US$1,500 6 hands No-Limit Hold’em, with Reis and Gabriel Schroeder for the final day of action Thursday in Las Vegas at Horseshoe and Paris won second and third respectively.

The final showdown gave Rice the best part andEquivalent to $465,501, getting him his first bracelet, all in beating Daniel Barriocanal Completed after, earning $287,679.

Here’s how you get to witness Reis’s first Latin bracelet

Our other first time bracelet is Rafael Reis!

The Brazilian has made it to the final game of the series to win Game 15 with the help of one of the most exciting: $1,500 6-a-side NLHE for $465,501 !

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) June 9, 2023

The region’s also money-making rep list has a dozen players , including Leo Fernandez and Dorian Rios.

Event #15 6 Hands No Limit Hold’em $1,500

Buy In: $1,500

For the bracelet: Korn one of the front-runners in 19th event

For the bracelet: Korn one of the front-runners in...

The dream is intact. After a strong first day, Andres Korn entered Event #19 in the US$2,500 Freezeout No Limit Hold’emDay 2 puts him back in contention for his first 2023 WSOP bracelet, which will be his second career bracelet.

And outstanding field, in large part due to its format, Event #19 attracted 1,139 participants with a buy-in of $2,500 Collected prize pool $2,534,275 to be distributed among the top 171 players.

Qiang Xu is the chip leader for the tournament.

Thursday’s event ended with 144 survivors returning to the table after a grueling battle With only 11 remaining at the end of the tournament, Korn took the chips 4,760,000 came in third, the only one being a representative of the Latin Armada.

Currently the chip leader is Qiang. Title contenders include Alexandre Reard (4,800,000) and Niall Farrell (1,700,000), also a past bracelet winner.

For the bracelet: Korn one of the front-runners in...

WSOP: 1,000 players in 1 million freerolls

You can feel it. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is upon us and the atmosphere is filled with tremors, anxiety and tension. Thousands of players are heading or will be heading to Las Vegas for the 54th edition of the race, which begins Tuesday and will see them compete over 50 days, culminating in the 10K main event.

While the focus is on a tournament won by Latino Damian Salas, it will once again be a million dollar special Bonus: This is an exclusive Champions Tournament.

This event is an invite-only freeroll and is open to the winner of past or current season winnersWSOP Circuit Competition. Anyone who wins a gold ring in a live or online circuit as well as an online or live bracelet winner (including during WSOP Europe) is eligible for this special event. For example Nacho Barbero won the bracelet in 2022.

2022 bracelet winner Barbero can play it.

Last year, the event ended the series. This year, the TOC will be held during the opening week of the World Series, starting on Wednesday, May 31 and lasting three days.

Although this is a free contest, the winner of this exclusive event will receive a coveted gold bracelet in addition to the first prize.

To date, 960 players have qualified for the WSOP 2023 Championship of Champions and are vying for the million in total prize pool. This means that any player with an EV over $1,000 will enter the tournament.

Nearly 1,000 players qualified for the Glory event, the largest $1 million WSOP freeroll ever to take place.


Last year’s tournament was only open to 570 players, 470 of whom registered and entered the freeroll. In the end, Benjamin Kaupp won, winning $250,000 and his first bracelet. Kaupp qualified for the TOC after winning the $215 WSOP PA Online Circuit event for nearly $15,000.

Will Nacho be there?

Jared Jaffee Wins WPT Choctaw for $400,740

Jared Jaffee is the 2023 WPT® Choctaw Champion. Jaffee defeated Dojie Ignacio in the heads-up final for his second World Poker Tour® title and the $400,740 top prize, which also includes a berth at the 2023 WPT World Championship at the Wynn Las Vegas.

“It’s been so long (since I won my first WPT title). I guess they’re not lying when they say it gets a little sweeter if you wait a little longer,” Jaffe said. “It’s definitely the best feeling I’ve had since winning a poker tournament.”

Jaffee’s win marked the end of the eighth WPT Choctaw. The $3,800 buy-in tournament attracted 612 entrants, with a $2,142,000 prize pool paid out to the top 77 players.

“Jared Jaffee has put in a huge effort and he has now Twice a member of the WPT Champions Club,” said WPT CEO Adam Pliska.

💰Ignacio finished second, earning him $261,000. Previous final table players included Mike Vanier (3rd – $192,000), Bin Weng (4th – $143,000), Rusty Farrin (5th – $107,000) and Erkut Yilmaz (6th – $107,000). $81,700).

Other notable players cashing in on WPT Choctaw include WPT Champion Alex Foxen (9th), four-time WPT finalist Viet Vo (14th), Andrew Moreno (38th), three WPT finalists Viet Vo (14th), Andrew Moreno (38th), current WPT champion Anthony Zinno (48th) and Angel Guillen 🇲🇽 (65th).

This Sunday, the 28th, the finale of the WPT Gardens Poker Tournament will be held starting at 4:00pm M. PST. Ryan Salunga leads the final six entrants in chips, all of whom won $357,380 in chips and a berth at the 2023 WPT World Championship at the Wynn in Las Vegas. The final table will be broadcast live on the 📺WPT YouTube and Twitch channels.

The new league is dynamic and improved.

The new league is dynamic and improved.

This classic contest from our 888poker community is back. Thanks to everyone who shared, commented and liked us on 888Poker LATAMFacebook page, we can always improve it!

Now for this new June release we will be making these changes and improvements.

🆓 MORE FREE TICKETS IN FREEROLLS QUALYS 💰Top 20 prizes every month 📺LIVE Dates every Sunday ✅ Only the top 50 on each date will get points .

For FIRST DATE, we will be offering 4 FREEROLLS QUALYS, 75 tickets each, so everyone is eligible and has a chance to play for $300 FIRST DATE GUARANTEED TO PLAY. Also this Sunday, May 28th, we’ll be hosting a special live stream on the TWITCH channel where we’ll explain all this and more! Join the live stream.

You can find the login password and all information on ➡ 888Poker LATAM’s Facebook.

We are providing this info for the first live week 🤓⬇️





1️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE 1 – $300 GTD BUY: $1 | Buyback: 1 | Sunday, June 4th


📌 This time 👉 ranking top 20 every month The top winners will receive the following prizes:

🏆 1st – $109 deposited into your 888Poker account. + League Championship Interview and Feature 💰 2nd and 3rd – $22 buy-in in your 888Poker account 💰 4th – 5th and 6th – $16.50 buy-in in your 888Poker account 💰 7th 1st to 10th – $8.80 buy-in account in your 888Poker account 💰 11th to 20th – $3.30 in your 888Poker account 💰 11th to 20th – $3.30 in your 888Poker account 💰 11th to 20th – Enter $3.30 into your 888Poker account.

The new league is dynamic and improved.

Vie Makence Leads Day 1C, Surpasses 1 Million in Winamax SIXMIX Marrakech

Vie Makence Leads Day 1C, Surpasses 1 Million in W...

Winamax SIXMIX Marrakech should have nothing to do with other festivals organized in the Gaul region Different Therefore, on the third day of the main event, players visited the casinos in the Moroccan city non-stop.

Divided by section. On Day 1C, 633 registered, plus 229 from the Day 1D sprint, for a total of 1,898.

The chip leader on Day 1C was Vie Makence, who capitalized on the bubble well to score 1,041,500 points. About a dozen hands went all out, some of them walked away with 4,000 points, and some played with fire at inopportune times.

As far as our players are concerned, this is the Spaniard Finally, we added 11 more on Day 2 (stack awaits confirmation):

In 1D Sprint we also Qualified (stack awaits confirmation):

Vie Makence Leads Day 1C, Surpasses 1 Million in W...


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