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Bartolo and Gabrenja compete in Day 4 of the 2023 WPT World Championship

Bartolo and Gabrenja compete in Day 4 of the 2023...

Day 4 of the 2023 WPT World Championship will begin today with 5 players from Latin America: Argentina’s Julio “Bartolo” Belluscio and Matias Gabrenja, Mexico’sAndres CamperoandChristian De Leonand Brazil’sMateus Carrion.

Yesterday, Day 3 saw 480 contestants take part and they managed to surpass the top box office winners: three-time bracelet winner Chance Kornuth (137th – $34,000), Jason Sommerville (No. 140 – $34,000), MexicanDiego Sanchez (No. 142 – $34,000), Hossein Ensan, 2019 WSOP Main Event Champion (No. 144 – $34,000), Chris Hunichen(155th – $31,000), defending champion Eliot Hudon (186 – $27,000),Phil Laak(203 – $27,000),Robert Mizrachi ($213 – $25,000), BrazilJoao Simao ($222. – $25,000), 2005 WSOP Main Event ChampionJoe Hachem (No. 223 – $25,000), Mexico PlayerJosué Aguirre(248th – $25,000 – USD). 24K), Matt Affleck (No. 275 – $23K), Cary Katz (No. 308 – $22K), Mu Staffa Kanit> ($327 – $22,000), Jeremy Becker ($340 – $21,000), David Lappin ($345 – $21,000), vlogger Masato Yokozawa ($350 – $21,000), Bryn Kenney (402 – $20,000), 1996 WSOP Main Event Champion Huck Seed (427 – $20,000) 19,000 USD), 4-time bracelet winner Scott Seiver (444 – $19,000), trainer and author Dara O’Kearney (451st – $18,000), WPT host Lynn Gilmartin (454th – $18,000), writer Maria Konnikova (465th – $18,000),David Williams (468th – $18,000) and Spaniard Javier Zarco (469th – $18,000).

Bartolo and Gabrenja compete in Day 4 of the 2023...

Pineda is competing in the KSOP South American Qualifiers

Pineda is competing in the KSOP South American Qua...

KSOP GGPoker South America will be held in Rio de Janeiro from January 24 to February 7, with a total amount of 50 million reais, or approximately 10 million U.S. dollars This is the most impressive festival in the history of South America, with 11 new qualifiers this Sunday.

About GGPoker, the space hosting the tour is sponsoring a new Mega worth $250. The satellite was run with seven guaranteed packages but ultimately 11 packages were distributed, including the R$5,000 buy-in for the Main Event and 15 days of accommodation at the Lagune Hotel.

The qualifying event, available for just $25, featured 137 contestants and lasted 3 hours and 55 minutes, resulting in 11 winners, including Colombia’s Julián don chimbo Pineda, as well as the Argentinian player nicknamed replik, and even the Irish player LLinusLLomu.

The rest are all Brazilians, including pros Daniel DGadotti-BR Gadotti and Raphael rbdauria D’Auria.

11 qualifiers for KSOP South America A Rio de Janeiro for just $25

The historic KSOP South America qualifiers are now available on GGPoker and you can qualify For just $25 you can enter the ladder qualifiers, held every hour from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

These satellites lead day after day, leading up to the finals every Sunday, with 10 full packages per week including the aforementioned 11 million BRL Guaranteed Main Event buy-in price of BRL 5,000 and 15 days of escrow.

If you’d like, you can also pay the $250 required to register for the weekly finals and enter without taking any steps.

How to Find the KSOP Sourt America Satellite on GGPoker

Registering for the Satellite is easy: just open GGPoker and go to the ‘GGLive’ tab below Click on the top Right and apply the filter that says ‘KSOP South America’.

As you can see below, the platform will automatically show you the qualifying levels available for the day and the qualifying levels for the so-called “US$250 Mega to KSOP South America Main Event, 10 Packages”, which takes place on Sunday, The direct purchase amount is $250.

KSOP GGPoker South America complete schedule

This music festival is the first stop of KSOP 2024 and will be held at the Rio Central Convention Center in Barra da Tijuca starting from 24 . January to February 7th and will make history by offering an unprecedented guarantee in Brazil, with stakes of 50 million Brazilian reals, approximately $10 million, for tournamentsCodigoPoker is open to the entire Latin America’s exclusive live blog.

This explosive tournament will take place at KSOP South America and will include a 100-game tournament open to players of all skill levels. Buy-ins range from R$500 (US$100) to R$100,000 (US$20,000), making the latter the highest buy-in tournament in Latin poker history.

Pineda is competing in the KSOP South American Qua...

The search for your next moneymaker is almost over.

The search for your next moneymaker is almost over...

The next Moneymaker will be found soon.

This week’s tournament begins to replace Chris Moneymaker as the winner of a $100,000 prize package and a spot in the WSOP Main Event.

Americas Cardroom launches a new season of “The Next Moneymaker,” a poker tournament series with a $100,000 prize pool, winning The winner will be selected on June 5th.

An $86 tournament will be held each of the 13 Saturdays in this time frame to improve the overall ranking. After May 28th, you will no longer be able to redeem weekly contest points for chips.

In addition to 15,000 points, the winner of each contest can redeem their points for chips, as well as the top 24 winners. On June 4 and 5, the finale, the Main Event, will take place, with the winner receiving $100,000 to bet on the World Series of Poker or any other event he or she sees fit. New moneymakers will also receive a $15,000 gift package from Americas Cardroom toward entry into the WSOP Main Event.

The search for your next moneymaker is almost over...

Beto Borrego won the knockout trophy and pocketed over MXN 113,200.

Beto Borrego won the knockout trophy and pocketed...

Beto Borrego takes first place in an exciting tournament at Palace Poker Fest. The number of registrations for the 6-max progressive knockout tournament reached 191 in a single day.

Defeated Esteban Ortiz heads-up, winning the match and taking all the chips in the match.

The Palace Poker Fest 2023 will continue at the Casino Palace facility in Mexico City conduct. As we announced at the time, there are a number of side events taking place in different formats on the calendar through next Sunday, September 10th, to provide players with a greater variety of activities.

Progressive Knock Out This is the case, it is played in the 6-Max format and is a Buy ever . Prices start at MXN 3,000. In this case, there is no guaranteed prize pool, but the total prize pool for the 191 registered entrants is MXN 498,510 (USD 28,625). .

As is common in such tournaments, part of the prize pool is distributed in a traditional ITM (Into The Money) structure, and the other part is distributed in the form of elimination bonuses, which are progressive for each player. .

So when important prizes are awarded in the final stages of a tournament, it adds to the excitement by simply eliminating one of the players who accumulated the prize before reaching that point.

The final table will be decided by the outstanding performances of players such as Manuel Zamacona, Kino Artee and Alexis Hayek.

Progressive Knockout Final Table Cash List (MXN USD):
1. Alberto Bo Rego– $113,200 + BTY. 2. Esteban Ortiz – $80,450 + BTY3. Manuel Zamacona – $51,450 + BTY4. Jesus Aguirre – $36,600 + BTY5. Jorge Medina – $29,250 + BTY6. Rodrigo Molina – $21,900 + BTY7. Mauricio Abreu – $18,250 + BTY8. Artee Cinema – $14,600 + BTY9. Salvador Barbosa – $11,300 + BTY

Beto Borrego won the knockout trophy and pocketed...

Rodrigo Cañas wins his fourth Latin American title at EPT Barcelona

Rodrigo Cañas wins his fourth Latin American title...

Rodrigo Cañas is even hungrier after finishing 12th in the €1,050 Hyper Turbo Freezeout tournament at EPT Barcelona and earning €5,300 ITM. He signed up for event #47 No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout and after an intense battle he won the trophy and €104,070.

It has been a pretty busy tournament leading into the final part of this successful series, which ends on September 3rd. A total of 577 players signed up for the €1,100 buy-in tournament, with a prize pool of €553,920 shared among the top 87 entrants.

Rafael Moraes finished second in this competition.

To make the Colombian story even more epic, Cañas defeated the famous Brazilian grinder Rafael Moraes, he had to give up the trophy to the Colombian and received a bonus of 65,200 euros. Oleg Vasylchenko completed the podium with €46,000.

This award for Canas is the crowning of his great talent, since a few days ago in August he finished eighth at theJackie’s inPanama Poker Tour‘s main event saw him win $16,000.

Other outstanding Latino players who successfully completed the ITM in this event are Lin Yi (50th place, 2,200 euros), Richard Dubey Ni(34th, 2,550 euros), Fernando Campo (32nd, 2,550 euros). and Ivonne Oviedo (10th, €8,400).

Freezeout – EPT Barcelona

Buy-in: 1,100 € Tickets: 577 Pot: 553,920 €

Final Table

1 ° Rodrigo Cañas – € 104,0702° Rafael Moraes – €65,2003° Oleg Vasichenko – €46,5504° Cristiano Ferreira – €35,8005° Ankit Ahuja – €27,5506° Antoine Franken – €21,2007° Joshua Stewart – €16,3008° Gerard Rubiralta – €12,5509° Pedro De Cunha – €10,050

More ITM Latino

10° Ivonne Oviedo – €8,40032. Fernando Campo – €2,25034° Richard Daubigny – €8,40050° Yin Lin – €2,200

PS: We will update the description once we have the official winner photo.

Rodrigo Cañas wins his fourth Latin American title...

Duarte continues Charrúa dominance at EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty

Duarte continues Charrúa dominance at EPT Barcelon...

Uruguayan Mathías Duarte was crowned tournament champion with a surprising knockout to win the European Poker Tour (EPT) The first silver medal Pica stopped in the Catalan capital. After defeating Britain’s Conor Beresford in a heads-up match, Duarte won €192,000, which included his championship bonus and the bonus he received for overseeing eliminations. Escort won €100,000, while Israeli Tom Orpaz completed the podium with €143,200, of which €95,000 was a KO bonus.

Duarte won his first silver medal with pica in Barcelona, ​​giving him the highest bonus of his career. The €10200 No Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty tournament was decided on Tuesday, marking the start of the European Poker Tour (EPT)‘s Barcelona. Uruguay’s Mathías Duarte ultimately held all the chips and took over from his compatriot Francisco “Tomatee” Benítez on this visit ), Francisco “Tomatee” Benítez won the last continental tour event in the Catalan capital in 2022. Duarte defeated British player Conor Beresford in a heads-up match and won a prize of 192,000 euros, the highest prize this year in its history

Conor Beresford accompanies Mathías Duarte on this Mystery Bounty.

Charrúa is known for his The title earned him €104,500; he also received €87,500 in prize money as a result of the eliminations he made on his way to victory. The winner receives one of the most generous knockout prizes worth €50,000. Beresford, in turn, increased his bankroll by €100,000, €67,500 of which came from the subtitle, while another €32,500 was the result of him forcing one of his opponents out of his hole. seat. Rounding out the podium was Israeli Tom Orpaz, who finished third and received €48,200 in prize money, making him the biggest winner of knockout prizes and accumulating concept earnings of €95,000.

During his last visit to Barcelona for the Continental Championship in August 2022, Duarte finished ninth in the tournament in the same format, but bought The entry fee is only €1,150. His advance bonus is therefore €10,840. This time, the competition in whichDuarte won the championship has an even more attractive prize pool after registration has closed, with a total of 79 participants, equivalent to a prize of 790,000 euros. Of this amount, €371,300 will be distributed as live prizes to the top 11 players, while the remaining €418,700 will be awarded as random eliminations.

The good results of the Latin American teams in this competition also include the Brazilian Ramon Kropmanns who finished seventh, who received an advance payment of 18,100 euros, but received bonuses Much higher knockout. In this way he raised 72,500 euros. Also participating are Argentina’s Jose Ignacio “Nacho” Barbero and the tournament’s previous champion, Uruguay’s Francisco “Tomat” Benitez. While Barbero’s early retirement prevented him from adding the program to his tally this season, Benítez struggled to reach 20th place in the overall standings but also came away empty-handed.

We end the review with the prize money table for the finalists of the competition:


Ramon Kropmanns rounded out the good balance of the tournament with the Latin American Armada.

Winner: Mathías Duarte (Uruguay) – Prize money: €104,500. Premium: €87,500. Total: €192,000Second place: Conor Beresford (UK) – Leader: €67,500. R: €32,500. T: €100,000Third Place: Tom Orpaz (Israel) – P: €48,200. Answer: €95,000. T: €143,2004. Venue: Patrick Kennedy (UK) – Price: €37,100. Answer: €15,000. Telephone: €52,1005°: Quanzhou (China) – Telephone: €28,500. R: 0. T: 28,500 €Sixth place: Erik Seidel (USA) – P: 22,700 €. R: €17,500. T: 40,200 €Seventh place: Ramon Kropmanns (Brazil) – P: 18,100. R: €72,500. Telephone: €90,6008. Location: Onassini Mansouri (France) – Prize money: €14,500. Answer: €15,000. Phone: €29,500.

Duarte continues Charrúa dominance at EPT Barcelon...

KSOP GGPoker: Big names at HR Light

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Big names take part in high...

Day 1 of the KSOP GGPoker Premium in Rio de Janeiro is off to a fast start. Many of the biggest names in poker from across the country, as well as beyond, have made an appearance in the beautiful lobby of the Sheraton Hotel. With players from all over Brazil coming together, the competition for several matches has intensified.

The High Roller is one of the events that has kicked off the schedule, with a host of online and live stars already starting to compete. Musician and amateur Gabriel O Pensador is one of the highlights of the tournament field, as are many high profile players.

Learn more: 2023 KSOP GGPoker Season Only One Player & Four Player Trophies & Eight Threes; Find out who they are

Many well-known online names also appear in this space. Insight’s Lucio Lima and Renato Valentim are two examples. Elias Neto, Regis Kogler and João Sydens are other network stars already here. The “Live Team” includes Christian Kruel, Rafael Caiaffa and Fernando “VCVEM”.

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Big names take part in high...

Luigi Soncin takes first place in Wednesday Double Stack HR $1,050

Luigi Soncin takes first place in Wednesday Double...

The country’s grinders are back in contention for the title at the main online tournament. Luigi Soncin visited GGPoker and finished third in Wednesday’s Double Stack HR $1,050 event. Overall, riders on the “EstevaoJobs” account earned $16,425.

Wednesday’s double-chip event had $150 in singles, while winner Douglas Lopes won $9,412 and bronze medalist “d bergkamp” $9,518.

“GOLDENBOY2023” also won awards on the website. He won $6,659 after defeating 2,331 opponents at Bounty King Jr $32.10.

“sooooo_sickkkkk” ended up finishing second out of 65 entrants in the $525 High Roller Post Event, a feat that netted him $6,566.

Luigi Soncin takes first place in Wednesday Double...

Foreigner Dominates KSOP GGPoker Main Event Winner

2023 KSOP GGPoker Season, Foreign Players Dominate...

KSOP GGPoker is traditionally a South American circuit. Although the group is predominantly Brazilian, many runners from neighboring South American countries also compete at events held here, and many gringos feature prominently on Brazil’s most popular circuit.

For a while, this situation has become commonplace. Some foreigners are winning KSOP GGPoker tournaments in all shapes and forms. But what attracts the most attention is their achievements in the main competition of various competitions. There seems to be a special feel to the foreigner in the main event, and it has been shining for a long time.

In recent years, players from other countries have won the Main Event many times, but the 2023 season is a clear example of South America’s competitive strength. Although many Brazilian stars have appeared in this year’s main event, only foreigners have won the main event. The movie is even being replayed online.

This season, Argentina has three victories and Colombia has one in the biggest edition. See below:

Day 1 – KSOP GGPoker Rio

To show foreigners what they can do in 2023, Gringo heads up the champion in the season opener. Argentina’s Jeronimo Abalos emerged as the big winner of the tournament, beating a very strong Colombian Sebastian Fonseca, who was in the foreign standings Ranked among the best, second overall.

Jeronimo Abalos defeated 1,111 entrants to win the Main Event with an event fee of R$346,500. At the final table of the tournament, Abalos told a great redemption story, taking the title from short-stacked situations and claiming the biggest win of his career. This is the beginning of the outsider’s work, and the cries of “dale, campeón” have sounded.

Phase 2 – KSOP GGPoker Special – Balneário Camboriú

The second phase of 2023 is the biggest yet. The KSOP GGPoker Special was definitely a feast for the players and the biggest cheers came from the Colombian players who were always there and loud. The star of the event, Julian Pineda, took home a memorable win in the Main Event.

The Colombian, Pocarr, went heads-up with soccer player Luis Henrique Taffner and won the biggest KSOP of the year GGPoker tournament. Pineda cashed in a whopping R$1,200,000, the largest sum ever paid out at the event, and forever etched his name in the track’s history. The KSOP GGPoker Special Main Event has 2,390 entries.

Stage 3 – KSOP GGPoker Iguazu

The first KSOP GGPoker International was held in downtown Foz do Iguazu, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, and was won by local players. Federico Tur was the first main event final table to be held outside of Brazil, extending foreign dominance in this regard.

Hermano won and secured the classic heads-up match between Brazil and Argentina. The trophy The Gringos defeated Paulo Cícero from Northeast Brazil, who also had a good run in the tournament. By winning the title on home soil, Federico Tour was paid 255,000 reais, an amount fixed after an agreement with the Brazilian. A total of 728 entries participated in the competition.

KSOP GGPoker Online

Brazil is probably the best country today when it comes to online poker. But even in “house specials,” they couldn’t take the title away from foreigners. Continuing this year’s tradition and dominance, another Argentine player called out the winner at KSOP GGPoker Online.

Mariano Jimenez defeated stiff competition from top player Marcello Giordano to win the series. Online Main Event and claim another Albiceleste title of the season. Jimenez fought his way through a field of 432 entrants to earn $8,019, his fourth of four victories for the Gringo this season.

2023 KSOP GGPoker Season, Foreign Players Dominate...

Marcos Exterkotter exits WSOP Event 83 in 8th place

On the last day of Event 83: $1,500 NL Hold’em Short Deck, the only Brazilian vying for a WSOP bracelet made a brief resistance. Marcos Exterkotter finished eighth, walking out of the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with $8,586.

Marcos took on Vietnamese pro Thai Ha, who won the title shortly thereafter. In the farewell, the gaucho opens from the table and answers Ha’s call. On the flop of Q♣J♣6♥, both players check. On the turn 8♥, Ha bet 405,000 and Marcos bet 125,000. Marcos then declared all-in. Ha calls and shows 10♥9♣. Marcos drew with K ЙK♣.

The FT has spent much of its time chasing David Prociak. The turning point for the Asian came when he came back from a 1-3 deficit. In the final hand, Q♥Q♣ vs. K♣J♣, the pro was not surprised by the edge J 8 ♣ A 8 ♥ 7 ♣.

This is the first $1,500 NL Hold’em short deck traded at the WSOP. Check out how much each finalist has received:

1. Thai Ha (Vietnam) $111,170

2. David Prociak (USA) $68,712

3. Wai Kiat Lee (Malaysia) $45,866

4. Robert James (USA) $31,307

5. Ryan Laplante (USA) $21,863

6. Moses Alosh (Israel) $15,629

7. Matan Gabay (Israel) $11,443


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